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Auteur: Joey Coenraerds (Joey)
Geplaatst op: 25 augustus 2008 om 18:33

Bron: UltimatePS3
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Patch op komst voor Race Driver: GRID?

Nieuws | 25 augustus 2008 - Volgens de Franse website UltimatePS3 komt Codemasters binnenkort met een patch voor de PlayStation 3- en Xbox 360-versie van Race Driver: GRID. Tot heden heeft Codemasters nog geen patch bevestigd voor de titel. De changelog van deze patch vind je hieronder.

  • The chat window, to be reworked to make it less disturbing for the parties online and networked
  • The flight assistance, which can be enabled or disabled during the creation of parties
  • All events available in the single player mode which will now also for courses online (from racing head-to-heads "and the mode touge)
  • The additional experience points to be awarded for pilots making courses longer (read: having many laps)
  • And the additional experience points to be awarded for returning pilots do not collide with their opponents during races online (provided that the damage be activated in full or just in front)


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game info
Ontwikkelaar: Codemasters
Uitgever: Codemasters
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Genre(s): Simulation Racer
Aantal spelers: 12
Release: 30 mei 2008
Aantal keer in collectie: 55
Aantal keer in wenslijst: 20

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